CEEN 525 - Energy Policy


For GHG emission reduction potential and costs

Canada-specific resources

Final Report, Specific Mitigation Opportunities Working Group, prepared for the Pan Canadian Climate Framework.

Mark Jaccard’s shop at SFU has published a number of paper that compare different policy instruments based on GHG reduction potential, costs, and other criteria including political feasibility. See also his “Win-Win” paper under required readings.

The consulting firm EnviroEconomics has done a great deal of modeling for Canada, especially focused on the Pan-Canadian Climate Framework

The Ecofiscal Commission has done considerable work on the GHG reduction potential and cost of different policy instruments.

International Resources

Is your jurisdiction cover by the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project? If so, you may find good resources in there on emission reduction potential of different strategies and possibly cost information as well.

Lots of cost and other data here in Jacobson’s work on decarbonizing the world

Tons of cost data available from IRENA

And REN21’s Renewables 2016 Global Status Report

McKinsey Pathways to a low-carbon economy: Version 2 of the global greenhouse gas abatement cost curve




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